Episode 33 - Lazy Fashionistas

January 12, 2015

Whoa man, so much funny awaits!  Psi and the Coug cough up the uzshe and the new with special guest Fuzzy Laval.  This week’s patter includes a fair bit of fashion talk, hence the title, and debate about wearing underwear under long underwear, how couples dress alike in their golden years, and many other self-betterment tips and life hacks.  Indeed we are all hacks at life so godspeed in! lending your ears.


Episode 32 - Let Me Musically 69 You

January 6, 2015

Holy shitnuts, it’s 2015! And if New Year’s left you with an “I want more out of life, dagnabbit” feeling, have we got the remedy for you! This edition of Psi Factor and the Cougar features guest and beloved actor Paul Spence, aka Deaner from the inimitable FUBAR films. The guys bring their “Eh” game in burning each other, unknowns and celebs alike. Yes, you want to go to there!