Episode 31- Ty Segall meets Psi Factor and the Cougar

September 19, 2014

So when asked to write a about this event, I thought about plagiarizing a bunch of stuff that other people had written about Ty Segall but then I thought I’d let the whole thing speak for itself. It’s Psi Factor. It’s the Cougar, and some other people. At some point some other guy comes up from the audience and co hosts with the boys. Could the dynamic duo become a trio? No, cause that guy was crazy. Anyway. let’s see what the boys are up to now.




Episode 30 - It Was a Mind Blow

September 18, 2014

Da fuuuuuuck... Wha’appenned?!

After a more than lengthy pause we finally have an all new episode of Psi Factor and the Cougar’s Str8talk!  Expect more scintillating verbosity with the Coug’s recounting of summer ecstasy getting somewhat vomity and fist bumping with wealthy DJ night patrons.  Happy 30th episode boys!