Episode 29 - The Vagician

July 25, 2014

Listen up freaks! Here we have the last episode before summer hols and the last live streaming version of the show as we switch to pre-recorded tapings in the fall. Quit your boo-hoo-hooing and get wise to Psi's awesome facts, more elaboration on Guatanamo Bay songs from hell, and BGT literally phoning in his guest appearance. Fresh, hot tasty treats on the internet dial right now!




Episode 28 - The Memory Episode

July 11, 2014

Just like the white horse in Twin Peaks, it's happening again! This week's episode features memory and memories - the kind(s) attached to the Coug and Psi's brain muscle, which they share. What happens when they exercise that muscle and exorcise those demons? Press play and find out now!


Episode 27 - Giant Satanic Budgie Man

July 4, 2014

We have a new classic episode amongst the ranks with this week's über-talented guest, the Hippy Man! Dressed in costume and bursting with theatrics, Hippy Man punctuates the proceedings which include an update on the Coug's buddy (bipolar crackhead guy), Psi's list of peeps to not call in case of a stolen passport, and many descriptions of the costume that Hippy Man is wearing. What you wait for, get on the get on and listen now!