Episode 17 - Middle-Aged Guys’ Slumber Party

March 28, 2014

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, said the Dead Milkmen I believe, the illustrious Loel Campbell joins the fray this week! Meanwhile the cosmic noise kicks into overdrive with such topics as voodoo chili contests, raising a to-be sumo wrestler on a feeding tube, and tam tam jammers. We're running on beaut cakes again!


Episode 16 - The Shitcident

March 21, 2014

"Scrawk meets shred!" shrieks the Coug in reference to guest host Simon Angell, who does just that in the intro theme and flings a couple tour stories to boot. Hint: you may want to reconsider accepting Swedish currency from this man. There's that and a whole lot more so tune right the fuck in!


Episode 15 - You’re Strange When You’re Strange

March 14, 2014

This week's episode of Psi Factor and the Cougar gets wicked deadly with special guest Hollywood Steve. Included within his arsenal of showbiz stories are a famous woman he has fucked, he'd never fuck, and he has dreamed of fucking. That's a whole lotta fuckity fuck! Brought to you by our patron saint David Lee Roth.


Episode 14 - Free Antarctica

March 7, 2014

Oh my word and by gosh by golly, we've got another doozie on our hands! This time the Coug gives 'er about sharing peanut butter sammies and cigars with Leonard Cohen and Psi spills on how he became a welfare entrepreneur. Nuff said, listen now!


New Day, New time!

March 2, 2014

Lookout, all you Psi and Coug-heads! We will be moving the live podcast to Fridays at 11pm ET as of March 7th. Way better time, right? Also there will be new thrills and chills including: "Drunk with Tim and Sophie" where these intrepid world travellers come share their wealth of information in the sommelier sense, a t-shirt promotion for any who donate above $20 to the Psi and Coug cause, and tons mo' laffs and guffaws!

That's right, tune in Friday March 7th at 11pm ET and mark it in your calendars too!

Episode 13 - T(r)oll Sto(r)y

March 2, 2014

This week Psi and the Coug are back to being the dynamic duo, along with uncle Jack's sample sideshow. Set a course for adventure and hear about shitty tunes, why it's never a good idea to post a suicide note on the internet and various other sundry delights. Oh and we finally get to hear another of the greatest stories ever told, theTroll Story. Press send then delete, oops!