Episode 35 - Melting Eyes, Dreadlock Sausages and The Tale of Chad Fedora

March 4, 2017

Holy guacamole, they're baaaa-aaack! You'll be stoked to hear those familiar voices tell us all about their vices (and that likeness) along with guests Not-So Fat Peter and Kevin "The Bear" Laing. Boy do we need this people! Need it, want it and love it now!

Episode 34 - Prison Star!

February 7, 2015

We here at Psi and Coug headquarters so profoundly loved having Dave Johnson on Episode 19 that we brought him back for some more prison talk!   Listen as Dave offers advice on how to keep your life while in the clink, and believe you me, this guy's wisdom will apply whether you're on the outside or on the inside. Quit your hesitating and press play now!

Episode 33 - Lazy Fashionistas

January 12, 2015

Whoa man, so much funny awaits!  Psi and the Coug cough up the uzshe and the new with special guest Fuzzy Laval.  This week’s patter includes a fair bit of fashion talk, hence the title, and debate about wearing underwear under long underwear, how couples dress alike in their golden years, and many other self-betterment tips and life hacks.  Indeed we are all hacks at life so godspeed in! lending your ears.

Episode 32 - Let Me Musically 69 You

January 6, 2015

Holy shitnuts, it’s 2015! And if New Year’s left you with an “I want more out of life, dagnabbit” feeling, have we got the remedy for you! This edition of Psi Factor and the Cougar features guest and beloved actor Paul Spence, aka Deaner from the inimitable FUBAR films. The guys bring their “Eh” game in burning each other, unknowns and celebs alike. Yes, you want to go to there!

Episode 31- Ty Segall meets Psi Factor and the Cougar

September 19, 2014

So when asked to write a about this event, I thought about plagiarizing a bunch of stuff that other people had written about Ty Segall but then I thought I’d let the whole thing speak for itself. It’s Psi Factor. It’s the Cougar, and some other people. At some point some other guy comes up from the audience and co hosts with the boys. Could the dynamic duo become a trio? No, cause that guy was crazy. Anyway. let’s see what the boys are up to now.




Episode 30 - It Was a Mind Blow

September 18, 2014

Da fuuuuuuck... Wha’appenned?!

After a more than lengthy pause we finally have an all new episode of Psi Factor and the Cougar’s Str8talk!  Expect more scintillating verbosity with the Coug’s recounting of summer ecstasy getting somewhat vomity and fist bumping with wealthy DJ night patrons.  Happy 30th episode boys!

Episode 29 - The Vagician

July 25, 2014

Listen up freaks! Here we have the last episode before summer hols and the last live streaming version of the show as we switch to pre-recorded tapings in the fall. Quit your boo-hoo-hooing and get wise to Psi's awesome facts, more elaboration on Guatanamo Bay songs from hell, and BGT literally phoning in his guest appearance. Fresh, hot tasty treats on the internet dial right now!



Episode 28 - The Memory Episode

July 11, 2014

Just like the white horse in Twin Peaks, it's happening again! This week's episode features memory and memories - the kind(s) attached to the Coug and Psi's brain muscle, which they share. What happens when they exercise that muscle and exorcise those demons? Press play and find out now!

Episode 27 - Giant Satanic Budgie Man

July 4, 2014

We have a new classic episode amongst the ranks with this week's über-talented guest, the Hippy Man! Dressed in costume and bursting with theatrics, Hippy Man punctuates the proceedings which include an update on the Coug's buddy (bipolar crackhead guy), Psi's list of peeps to not call in case of a stolen passport, and many descriptions of the costume that Hippy Man is wearing. What you wait for, get on the get on and listen now!

Episode 26 - Psi Factor has a Richard Geard

June 26, 2014

This week finds our gracious hosts guestless and restless, but fear not! On the docket are more misdeeds, mischief and joyrides, and a word of warning to pickle lovers of the world: maybe you should skip the last 15 minutes. Spoiler though: they did manage to fish the body out... All on this week's episode of Psi Factor and the Cougar!